Meet & Greet = Success!!

Big Momma's Coffee Bar! YUM!!!
Saturday the 28th we had a Meet and Greet in Fayetteville. There were a ton of events in the Fayetteville area that day and a lot of our team members were previously engaged, but we were super lucky to have Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too as well as Gingiber in attendence. 
I love the decor!

We were so happy that Big Momma's Coffee Shop was willing to allow us the use of their facility for our event.

Deborah of JUSTT and Stephanie of Gingiber

Stephanie of Gingiber was a featured seller for Etsy a while back and she was able to talk about how when she was asked by Etsy to attend an event in New York, the team members all knew each other and were very active.

They held events, craft shows, and brainstormed to promote ideas for the team and shops to be better. 
PIMA, Sweety Darlin', and PTAL of Sweety Darlin' Designs

She was also given a great priviledge to be included in the Martha Stewart All Etsy Show! It even has gotten her a link placed on the Martha Stewart website. Now I don't know about you, but that counts a a bit of a celebrity!

We all talked about how it would be great to have a craft show totally made up of Etsy members! I would love to do that too!

The consortium family of mom, dad, son, and sister-in-law that is Jewels Under the Sun were the sweetest people! Shane and Stephanie talked about the upcoming roll out of the CSS options on Etsy. I think this means we can have more customized shop pages, but it was way above even my own nerd knowledge!

Albert, Shane and Deborah of JUSTT
Sandi of JUSTT

I also talked with the team from JUSTT about motocycle hair accessories for women, and possible participation in Bikes, Blues, and BBQ and also Babes, Bikes, and Bling! Which in Northwest Arkansas are very large motorcycle enthusiast events!

I think we all left the event feeling encouraged, and I want that to only get bigger and spread through the entire team! We have more than 300 members and I know that there are more Etsy sellers out there that are not in the team.

We want to have a team that helps all of us become highly successful!


Tutu Cute and Moore! said...

Wish I could have joined the Artsy team for this, but, I had visitors from Indiana that weekend. Thanks for the nice update and hope to meet all of you at a later gathering.

JewelsUnderTheSun said...

Truly enjoyed the Meet and Greet and meeting some of the members of the AREtsy team! They were all really wonderful people and we are proud to be a part of this team! Looking forward to the next Meet and Greet and hope to meet many more of our wonderful team members! Was a little disappointed that so many members couldn't come, but I guess it was a busy weekend in the Fayetteville area with a lot going on. This was a great time for brain storming and getting new ideas from fellow Etsians. I know we came away with some new ideas for our shop and are very grateful for the help! Let's get together and make AREtsy known all over Northwest Arkansas!!!