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Trying to Find AREtsy! 
I know that all of us struggle at times with getting people to look at our products, but we all know that if we can generate more traffic our chances of sales go up. I accidentally fell into a way to make this happen, and it has been SHOCKING! Almost too easy for words.

First when I started my blog I read a book by The Simple Dude called Grow Your Blog. It was only $1.99 and it gave me some simple tips and ways that help your blog grow. Now I have seen dramatically increased traffic, but as of yet I haven't gotten to his level of success. I have faith though.

I know not everyone has a blog and it can be a little daunting and confusing to get it all started and set up the way you like it, but if you already have one this may be a good idea. If you are interested in starting a blog, I would be happy to help, and could even do maybe a series of tutorials to help Team Members if you are interested.
Second, I found a contest where they were giving away FOUR Kindle Fires. I know it is somewhat foolish to think that I will get one, but it was also foolish to think I would win the $540 million power ball, but I gave it a $2 try anyway.

Now I had never heard of this site before and didn't know a lot about it, but they have these contests with varying prizes frequently. The trick to them is that they use a company called Rafflecopter, and on of the biggest ways to gain entries into the contest is to "Like" the Facebook pages of participating companies.

I know this can be annoying, but in 24 hours I received an additional 1200+ additional Likes to my Facebook page. I also saw an increase in number of people reached from an average of 60 to a new number of 275!

Here is what you need to think about, when people like your companies page all the items you post on your Facebook go into their News Feed. A ton of people that know nothing about you see your items, and it is only reasonable to think that someone will eventually click on your item.
Third, use some of the opportunities we are cultivating to get your name out there more. I have been asked by the Arkansas Women Bloggers to request donations for some of their events. They are not looking for really expensive items, just things that they can give as door prizes etc.

The benefit to us is that if you donate, they will post your shop information on their website, ask their members to blog about your items, and your information will be included on the flyers that go out with each event. They have a total of 171 members in their directory of women bloggers in the state, and based off their research there are some staggering numbers about how those members can help you as well.

If you are interested in donating for their events, keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter which is where I generally post this information, and if you ever have questions you can contact them directly as well from their site!

Etsy tells us that using social media to our advantage is a highly successful and FREE advertising method. It doesn't matter how you get people to like your page, you just need to get them there. I stumbled into this hopefully highly advantageous event, and wanted to share with my team members.

Good Luck!

UPDATE: As of Thursday the 12th I now have 1,400+ Likes on my Facebook Page and have reached 935 people. Now I was asked by another person about the raffle copter. They only administer the contest, and I agreed to participate PRIOR to the start of the contest, but Acadiana's Thirifty Mom does these frequently. Keep your eyes peeled and if you agree to the terms of the participation, you too can get this kind of a boost. Think of how great that visibility is!

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