It's just about time...

Photo courtesy of WoolyHands - Bunting created by the talented PunkinHead (both of AREtsy)

It's the end of July... do you know when your next craft show is?

It dawned on me last night that I have less than three months until my first BIG show of the season. Ummm... where did the time go? I had huge plans to knit and spin throughout the year to be prepared for this, but somehow, I've let time get away from me. The AREtsy group is starting to be abuzz with news of shows and first time attendees so I thought it might be wise to post a link to one of our earlier blog posts about attending craft shows.

Of course every show is different and how we get ready for them will change depending on the location, length, and type of show. We'll soon have posts with new tips, links to shows and who from AREtsy is attending, and information about HUGE nationally known shows. But for now, reply to this post and let us know of any craft show secrets you might have. We'd love to hear from you.