Let the Craft Fairs Begin

Just when you think cooler weather and changing leaves will never get here, you turn around and there they are. The cooler weather means the start of many a fall/holiday craft fair here in Arkansas. The members of The AREtsy Street Team take a few weekends out of their busy schedules to set up shop at these fairs and share their art with thousands upon thousands of shoppers.

Northwest Arkansas provides craft fair shoppers and fans with plenty of opportunities to spend some money and time browsing. Besides the big weekend of fairs the 3rd weekend in October (does War Eagle ring a bell with anyone?), there are many other fairs that dot the calender leading up to Christmas.

The first one that comes to mind is The Clothesline Fair in Prairie Grove at the Battlefield Park (park seen above). This is a fair steeped in many, many years of tradition, 57 years, in fact. I've been told that artists used to display their goods on clothelines that were strung between the trees and their tents. This would make sense, seeing as how it is call The Clothesline Fair. Those days are long gone, but the fair is still going strong.

A few of the AREtsy Artists will have booths at the fair:

Starlight Designs
Idyll Hands

So come on out and meet some fellow AREtsy members.

If shopping for crafts isn't your thing (and shame on you if it isn't) there are plenty of other activities for you or your family members to do. You can visit the Latta Barn for some tasty turkey legs or burgers. There is a play ground for the kiddos and a short hiking trail with lots of Civil War history along its path. There is also a museum that is free to the public that has the history of the battle that took place on that very spot. So come on out, do some shopping, learn a bit of history, and enjoy Labor Day weekend in Northwest Arkansas at The Clothesline Fair.

If you are a member of AREtsy and are participating in a fair (in Arkansas or otherwise), leave a comment here so we can share it with the world!


Art On The Corner

Who doesn't like to be featured as an artist? I'm sure none of you raised your hand and if you did, we need to talk. The Fine Arts Center of Hot Springs is hosting their annual Art On The Corner and they are looking for artists to feature. This is a great opportunity not only to gain some exposure for your lovely creations, but also to pad your pocket a bit as $500 in prize money is up for grabs! I know that would buy me a lot of supplies or pay for a couple of craft shows, so I know I'm signing up for this one.

Maureen Ganster, one of the Hot Springs Fine Arts Center Board of Directors, writes this:
"This Compeition is for Arkansas artists only and has $500 in cash prices. The 20 finilists will exhibit at the Hot Springs Fine Arts Center (a non-profit organization) in the month of October, 2008. The winner will be the featured artist and have the center area of the Hot Springs Fine Arts CEnter to exhibit 20-30 pieces of art."

The deadline to enter is September 6, 2008 - so enter now!

For more information about the Hot Spring Fine Arts Center, visit their website HERE.

For a copy of the application, email Idyll Hands at knittinghands@yahoo.com.


Arkansas Craft School Apprenticeship Program

Hey ARETSY - this is another opportunity that Glassbead sent my way. You only have a few days left (because I somehow missed this one when she sent it a few weeks ago) to apply or nominate but it's a GREAT opportunity - so act fast.

The Arkansas Craft School , located in Mountain View , Arkansas, is seeking applications from Master Craft Artisans and for its 2008 APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM. Interested Master Artisans should be skilled in a heritage, traditional, or contemporary craft medium. Apprentices should be persons who have a continuing interest in improving his/her skills as a practicing artisan.

The 2008 program will involve one apprenticeship in each of the Arkansas geographic regions – the Delta, the Ozarks, the Arkansas River Valley , the Quachitas, and Southwest Arkansas . Selected Masters will be paid a stipend of $4,800 for the program which will begin on October 1, 2008 and end on April 30, 2009. There is no charge or stipend for participating Apprentices.
Masters will work with selected apprentices in their own studio/workshop. Masters and apprentices will be expected to demonstrate their craft at a public event in their region at the culmination of the program. Apprenticeships will be supervised by the Program and Curriculum Committee of the Craft School which will provide site visits during the process by Dr. Mike Luster, project coordinator.

Applications for both Masters and Apprentices are available at the Arkansas Craft School ’s website, www.arkansascraftschool.com or by contacting the School Office at arkcraftschool@mvtel.net.

The School will also accept nominations for both Masters and Apprentices. To nominate a candidate, a letter from the nominator indicating the reasons for the nomination should be accompanied by a completed application form for the nominee. Deadline for applications and nominations is August 22, 2008.

The 2008 Apprenticeship Program is made possible in part by a grant from the Department of Arkansas Heritage, funded by General Improvement Funds provided by the Arkansas General Assembly.

The Arkansas Craft School is a program of the Arkansas Craft School Education and Support Association, Inc. (a 501.c.3 designee) in partnership with the Ozarka College – Mountain View and the Ozark Folk Center. The School is located in Mountain View , Arkansas , and provides program on the campuses of the Ozark Folk Center and Ozarka College.


WKNO Gallery 10 Arts and Antiques Auction

Like I said, GlassBead had a wealth of information to send us about opportunities around our state (or right across the river from us - as it is in this case). This one is for the WKNO Gallery 10 Arts and Antiques Auction. WKNO is a not for profit, public broadcasting station out of Memphis, TN. It has been on the air since 1956 and rely heavily on donor support and events like this one. Fayth Rowland, WKNO Marketing Representative, sent GlassBead the following information:

"The 18th Annual WKNO Art & Antiques Auction will be broadcast live on Channel 10 on November 8, 9 and 15, 16.

We plan to continue the two new twists we added to the Auction last year: The Collection and Emerging Young Artists segments.

The Collection is comprised of approximately 100 jury-selected, gallery ready pieces. Once selected, these pieces will be showcased together and the final day of the auction (Sunday, November 16) will be dedicated solely to these pieces.

Emerging Young Artists will feature the work of new young artists and a segment of the Auction on Saturday, November 15 will be devoted exclusively to this work.

Consideration for inclusion in The Collection or Emerging Young Artists is optional and will be at the discretion of the individual artists.

All work not included in these segments will be sold on Saturday, November 8, Sunday November 9 and Saturday, November 15.

We have great appreciation for the generous support of our donors and we will continue to focus on getting as many people as possible to view their art in person during the month of October.

In anticipation that you will consider supporting WKNO by participating in Gallery 10, I am taking the liberty of including more specific information regarding the Auction and will follow up to answer your questions and to see if we may count on your support."

Please email me at knittinghands@yahoo.com for an application for this event. Or you can contact Fayth Rowland for more information at frowland@wkno.org or 901-325-6587.