Pattern Review: Butterick 4790

So I have a large collection of patterns, as I am sure most seamstresses do. I use them for making the garment they are intended for, mixing parts of them with other patterns to create a specific look, and sometimes I don't use them at all.

However I wanted to review a certain pattern that I think is without a doubt one of the best easy breezy summer dresses you could ever have! This is one that can be used as a cover up after the beach, a daytime date, a outing to the park, whatever! It was too easy for words and I thought all of us sewing types might want to know about it.

The pattern is Buttericks 4790. It is in their retro inspired line of patterns. When I first saw the  pattern cover I thought that is kind of cute and simple.

Then I do the flip and check out the back.....

You gotta be kidding me! That is IT?!

So I grab a cool plaid that the short ones think is awesome. They didn't have enough to make the entire back, but I have some left over from a previous project that filled that in nicely and the front was just a simple cotton. The entire edge is nothing more than double fold biased tape, and you hem the bottom edge only!
I made one for each of them and they loved them! I have since made the dress in other combinations and they are a staple in the summer, very lightweight and easy to wear. My youngest like a pair of soffee shorts under hers just because it is a wrap dress and in just the right weather can blow up and expose some parts.

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