Hump Day Blues

Today is the middle of the week. The time that we start to look forward to the weekend but are so glad it is no longer Monday. This weekend there is an AREtsy meet and greet in Fort Smith at the Sweet Bay Coffee company on Rogers Avenue. It will be between noon and 2PM, and is not a come and hang out type thing, even though you can come for sure. It is more of a come and say hi and stay or go at your preference.

We have selected one of our team members to have a featured selling post and will be putting that up in a week or so. At this time I have just been surfing the team members pages and arbitrarily selected someone, but I would also welcome submissions from shops that may wish to be featured.

Also I would love submissions from team members to do little tutorials about how to make simple things. Sometimes we all need something fun to create that is outside our norm.

I really do want to work with the whole team to make us a cohesive group of artisians that relish our Arkansas heritage and skills.

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marla grace said...

That sounds like fun! If anyone lives in central Arkansas like me, The Green Corner Store in downtown Little Rock is having an open house Thursday, December 8. They sell lots of things from Arkansas etsy artists! Check them out on Facebook.