Team Pow Wow Drive!

We have a rough direction of the way we want to use the Team Grant money received from Etsy. We are going to work on getting a Team Directory compiled, and getting some improvements to the blog. We want to make this a team collective that the general public can find us.

We want to include as much or as little information on each team member as they are comfortable with, such as name, shop name, shop category (as we plan on grouping the directory into categories) facebook, twitter, tumblr, blog, address, email, phone, etc.

We have posted in a few locations to send all your information to sweetydarlindesigns@gmail.com. That way no one is posting their information too publicly.

We will also want to keep our show directory up to date. So if you know of any shows, or events send those to us as well. That could be posted in a comment here, or sent to the email listed above.

We have looked around online, and have a few other sites that we are using as a rough guideline for things to include, but the best way to make the team better is to get the team members involved. Myself and the other leaders want to make this one of the best teams on Etsy, but that takes a collective effort.

Come on AREtsiers! Let's get to the pow wow and blow all those other people AWAY!

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