We have been awarded a Team Grant from Etsy!

The basic rules of the grant are that we can use it for any purpose with regards to team promotion, but we have to document the use of the money and Etsy wants us to report back to them with photos etc.

We could use it to have a craft fair, get team shirts, advertisements, team meetings, ANYTHING!!!

We will need input from the team in order to have plans of what we could do to spend the money as beneficially as possible!

Please comment with your ideas, and input! This is a great opportunity for our team to have some real positive impact for our shops and our state!


Cathy said...

Love the idea of a craft fair. But where? When?

Hillcrest Cottage said...


Sweety Darlin said...

We want to do a craft fair too. I think the best way to approach that effort is to get the team more involved as a whole then the best location is in Little Rock as it is the central location to the whole state. As for when, that will be a chore to determine, I love spring or fall when the weather is more bearable.

Nicole said...

What did your application look like? How did you get picked?

Sweety Darlin said...

Nicole, My apologies! I just noticed your comment! email me and I would love to help you.