Looking Out For Yourself

Picture by Marge54.etsy.com

Wow! It seems that AREtsy is growing by leaps and bounds. We've had quite a handful of new members in the past few weeks. There are always questions from the newbies about where to post information about your shop. I'll give everyone an outline:

Yahoo Group Database

Hmmm... one place, seems easy enough, doesn't it? Well, yes, it is. The hard part comes in when those of us heading up forum threads and this blog try to keep things updated. This is where I ask for all of your help. Please check the various places that we promote our fellow AREtsy shops and let us know, nicely, if your information is missing or incorrect. We have such wonderful artists and shop owners in this street team and would hate it if we all didn't have our chance at being promoted. It's such a huge job to keep up on all of the information and we're always open to a friendly reminder to update your info.

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Marge54 said...

A nice surprise to see my giraffe photo. Thanks!