Chat Night

image from DeniseFelton.etsy.com

It's been quite awhile since we had a chat night. This Wednesday night at 8pm, please join us as we talk about the future of our street team.

The awesome gals at Etsy have arranged for us to have a Virtual Room *cheers*

Come and join us as the airplanes fly and all types of good things will be discussed.


The above link is the room you want to join up on Wednesday!

***This is an informal chat, but many important things will be discussed. Please be sure to send an email to Cyndi@TheTwistedPurl.com if you have an issue you would like brought up that you are not comfortable bringing up yourself or if you are unable to attend.***

Hope to see you all there. Notes from the chat will be posted if you happen to miss out on the fun.

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