New Members?!?!

As most of you know we started working on a membership directory, which was a daunting task to undertake at the beginning with about 250 members there were a lot of messages to send out in order to make the necessary contact.

Well now we have gotten through that and only have to keep up with the newer members, but this morning there was a run on membership requests! I had to add FIVE! new members this morning alone! I love that people want to join our team! I truly hope that we can continually progress to make our team one of the best on Etsy with activities and events that help promote all of us!

As of right now our membership is at 292! We have a total of 113 listed in the directory! We really want to try to get as many people in the directory as possible, so if you know of anyone that is a member make sure they have sent in their information! Due to the leaders busy schedules we haven't gotten the blog updates finished yet, but they are in the process, so hang in there.

If you know of any craft shows, events, anything that might be fun for team members to attend or participate in, please let us know!

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