Making your Blog Better!

We have quite a few team members that blog, and in the process of starting my own blog I have read and learned a lot about blogging in general.

I am currently reading the eBook "Grow your Blog: Proven ways to add followers every single day". It is written by The Simple Dude and for the most part I can say it seems to be a decent educational tool for bloggers to read,  and gives some tools for ways to progress your blog. It is a short eBook too, so give it a shot if you have a couple of hours.

I have also been turned on the Bloggers Blog of Note (BON). I think this featured blog listing is kind of like Etsy's featured seller. You go along in your little world and hope that someone notices, then things go haywire!

I have previously posted about the Ping-O-Matic feature that helps your blog come up in search engines, and that it can be a helpful tool to find your little corner of the vast internet.

I have also mentioned in facebook posts and other miscellaneous spaces about Arkansas Women Bloggers. There are a vast number of groups out there for bloggers that are geographically and demographically specific. These groups are great for helping to grow your own blog and get traffic to your various pages be it Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, or otherwise.

I think the additional information I want to add today, is the layout of blog pages, and what fancy features you have on your page.

There are widgets, and gadgets, and buttons and a massive array of things you can have on your site, and those things may or may not be helpful to you. Take a look at your blog page, do you have a bunch of stuff that really doesn't pertain to the way you want your blog to grow? If you are on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or other sites do you have follow buttons? Do you have your various feeds on there too? Are those two things close together or far apart?

You can add almost anything you like to your blog, and those things are always personal choices, but the real questions you have to ask yourself (and I am asking them to myself as well) ...... What items do I want/need that will help promote myself and my internet adventure in the best possible ways?

Now let's go out there and do some blogging! I know I need to start with some rearranging and site review of my own personal blog.

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