Happy Valentine's Day

Today is a day that seems to be either a love or hate it kind of day. There are those people that love to buy gifts and mementos for their loved ones just as an additional reminder that they are loved. Then there are those that are very ambivalent about the day and call it Hallmark's creation.

I am a bit of both! Every year I buy something small and special for each of my daughters. I sneak into their rooms at some ungodly hour in the middle of the night and put the little treasures on their respective tables. Then in the morning I make then a big breakfast with eggs and sausage (or bacon), biscuits, juice or coffee... THE WORKS!! Then I send them off to school to have a day that started with love.

Of course for the last 10 years my boyfriend (same guy 10 years) has been out of town. This year in Vegas. When he returns we will likely go on a bit of a date and enjoy some time just the two of us. *happy face*

What the day is really about, in my opinion, is that through the hustle and bustle of the day to day grind sometimes we forget to tell those people we love how much they really mean to us.

So today I wanted to tell all my team members that I am glad you are here. That you are creative. That you share your little wonders with the world through a small venue called Etsy. That you are an Arkansan. Most importantly that I have the overwhelming pride and blessing to be one of your team leaders.

Thanks to all of you, and without sounding too weird, I love you!

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