AREtsy Featured Shop: Closet Lush Boutique

Top:  Monogrammed Lavender Candle - Set of 3 
Bottom Left:  Ivory Swarovski Pearl & Clear Crystal Earrings 
Bottom Right:  Seven Necklace 
Photos Courtesy of Closet Lush Boutique.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I've always loved the arts.  I grew up drawing, reading, writing, crafting.  Anything I could do with my hands.  Anything intellectual.  I'm a weird mix of laid back and perfectionism.  As opposite as that seems, I like everything to be perfect.  Im very detailed.  But I'm also relaxed.  Is that possible?

Tell us a little bit about your shop:

Closet Lush Boutique started out in October 2010 for local friends and family.  (Located in Russellville, AR)  It expanded to include friends of friends and co-workers and so forth.  At the time, we mainly featured the most sought after items.  Brand name, if you will.  I discovered Etsy and joined in December 2010.  I mostly browsed through other people's handmade items... and that inspired me to limit brand name items and focus my attention back to crafting. 

How did you become interested or involved in your craft or art?

I think it is just a natural thing for people.  We all like to fill our time with hobbies.  Some people have a gift in certain areas, like painting (and how I wish I could paint!).  I started as early as could remember.  I used to draw... a lot.

Sorority Picture Frame

How did you find Etsy?

I stumbled upon it while searching for ways to list items online.  It was much better than ebay.  The users are friendly and it had a sense of community.  Something I didn't expect to find, but made me stay.

Has another shop, blogger or website inspired you or helped to shape your vision for your own shop (like a muse)?

For Strange Women.  That shop is the best shop I have ever seen.  Her photos are remarkable, her listings are perfect.  Very inspiring!

Do you promote your shop in any way? Please, share!

(finish the following sentence)
This year I would like to accomplish...

a growing shop.  I would love more people to discover my work, to wear my work, to tell their friends about it.  I wouldn't mind this being what I do everyday.  In fact, I hope it happens!

Finally, just for fun, list 5 of your favorite movies, 5 of your favorite bands and your most favorite thing in the world to eat!

Movies: The Notebook, Titanic, Iron Man, Transformers, & National Treasure.
I love action movies... The Notebook & Titanic are the only two romantic movies I actually like.
Bands: I like rock.  I love Linkin Park, Skillet, Hoobastank, and Paramore.  But I love Carrie Underwood too!
Favorite thing to eat:  Either chocolate or salads.  Hard to pick.

As you can tell, I like the extremes.  There doesn't seem to be a "happy medium" to me.  But honestly, I'm quite happy on one end or the other.

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