Blog Beautiful!

Drum roll please... and, REVEAL!
The blog receieved the new look facelift today! Hooray! Let us know what you think? Also, please be sure to share with us any ideas you have on how we can continue to improve this location as a perfect 'one-stop' for an overall connection to the AREtsy group - both for Members and for all our friends/fans.

Take note of the exciting new pages at the top too! We wanted to have another spot to list our Members with links to their Etsy shops and social media spaces, as well as, another place to list all upcoming shows in the state (and surrounding area) and events planned for the AREtsy group. These pages defintely take time, so thank you all for your patience... but most importantly, send us anything you can or know about to make sure we get it included!

Calling all bloggers! Starting very soon we will launch the 'shop profiles', where we'll get a chance to learn a little more about our members... BUT, anyone who has an idea for a blogpost, helpful tips, business advice, etc. that they would be interested in writing about and submitting, we would LOVE to hear from you! Just email us at AREtsy@gmail.com.  Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful! Very fresh and fun.

primalpainter said...

Looks awesome!! Thanks for all the hard work, it's really paid off!

An Art Nest said...

THIS LOOKS FABULOUS! Thanks YOU so much!!!