Suzanne Churchill: Mural and Art Exhibit

16x80' mural in downtown Blytheville by Suzanne Churchill

AREtsy member and painter Suzanne Churchill has much to celebrate with the recent completion and installation of her mural in downtown Blytheville, Arkansas. The mural is comprised of 40 4'x8' wood panels that had to be transported from Jonesboro, where the artist lives, a trek of about 1.5 hours. That accomplishment is topped off with an exhibition of her paintings at The Ritz in Blytheville, Arkansas for the month of May. Congratulations Suzanne!

Blytheville Bus Station, a painting by Suzanne Churchill that can be viewed at The Ritz in Blytheville, Arkansas through the month of May.

Be sure to visit Suzanne's Etsy shop: arpainter
and her website: Suzanne Churchill Designs


suzanne churchill said...

Thanks so much for showing my mural!

idyll hands said...

WOW - this is way cool!

TSmithDesign said...

This is amazing!

Melissa said...

That mural is so beautiful Suzanne!

Jennifer said...

beautiful artwork!