Perspectives: Traditions and Innovations in Glass Beads

More exciting team member news! Laurie Ament, known to most of us as glassbead, has just had an incredible honor bestowed upon her glass, she's going to have one of her beads (pictured left) in a juried show in Corning, New York being hosted by the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB). This is an incredible honor and the show is going to include a list of impressive glass artists that Laurie is honored to be among. Below is the show's description, as found on the ISGB website, but be sure to click here for a full list of glass artists that will be in the show and a gorgeous slide show of their very impressive work. You can also visit Laurie's Etsy shop, Isinglass Designs, to make some of her gorgeous beads yours or find her regularly at the River Market in downtown Little Rock, AR. Congratulations Laurie!

Perspectives: Traditions and Innovations in Glass Beads

We are pleased to announce the artists whose work will be our 2009 Perspectives exhibition and part of the GAS Conference in Corning, New York!

This juried exhibit presented by ISGB, represents the endlessly captivating styles, techniques, and processes used in contemporary glass beadmaking. Unique color, form, and textural elements were combined to highlight the infinite possibilities of glass, as expressed by our members. Artists were encouraged to create a bead that best captured their inspiration, innovation, and personal "voice."

This distinctive collection of small wonders in glass artistry can be enjoyed June 5 to September 7 at the Radisson Hotel, Corning, and opens specifically as part of the 2009 GAS Conference. Artists, collectors, gallery and museum personnel, writers, and critics from around the globe will come together to celebrate the medium that unites us all - glass!

In addition to the exhibition that will be showcased to glass enthusiasts all summer long, the top three beads with the highest jury scores will share the COVER of the summer issue of The Glass Bead magazine. These artists will be announced no later than May 12.


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glassbead, isinglass design said...

I was truly amazed that one of my beads got in. Some of you may remember helping me pick which bead to send- this was pretty well everyone's choice, so thanks to all of you for your input!

Ekio Locatiare said...

Big Grats Glass!!!!

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What an honor! Way to go! :-)