Spreading Some Etsy Team Love: The Etsy Twitter Team Sidewalk Sale

The Etsy Twitter Team is having a fantastic sale that starts on Sunday so keep your eyes pealed for participating shops. The full list of shops and the specials they'll be running will be posted on Sunday! Until then, here's a little teaser:

The Etsy Twitter Team is having a Sidewalk Sale to celebrate the spring weather and to get outside a bit! Virtually! Each shop is having a different sale so check them all out. Some extremely great deals will be going on!!

The sales run from Sunday, May 17th to Saturday, May 23rd.
Shops and sales to be announced Sunday!
Many thanks to SassyCat.etsy.com for creating our sale graphic!! I could not have hoped for something better!! Thank you!!
Why, you might be asking, would a group for Arkansas Artists on Etsy be promoting a Twitter Team sale? It's all in the name of team spirit, because the more teams band together to help each other the more we can all get out of our promos, sales, knowledge and all around Etsy love! AREtsy will be hosting our own summer sale soon and the Etsy Twitter Team has agreed to promote our sale! I'm feeling the love!

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