Tagging... revisited

Tags seen above can be purchased from TheBeehive over at Etsy.

I know there was a post about tagging long ago and far away, but I think tagging is so important that it deserves another post. I know we'd all like to sit back and let Etsy bring people straight to our shop, but get real guys, your shop is exactly that, your shop. Etsy isn't going to stand at the door, calling for customers, or are they?

There seem to have been many complaints lately about Etsy's search function, but if you ask me, I am okay with it. Sure, sure, I know how to navigate it, but I'm almost always able to find what I'm looking for provided the sellers tag correctly. Has Etsy created a tagging system that, essentially, brings people straight into our shops to do some shopping? Perhaps they have. It's wise for new and old sellers alike to search through the catagory for items you sell and see what sub-catagories there are. It's wise to use these for tagging instead of creating your own tags as they are hard wired into the system to be chosen while searching for items to buy.

The Storque has published an article about tagging and you can read it HERE. Tagging everything, using all 14 tagging options, and tagging well is very important - don't ignore that part of your shop.

Oh, and by the way, make sure that each and every one of your items has the following tag "AREtsy Team" - this allows people to search by team and Etsy has asked that we add "team" to our team name when tagging... you can be flagged if you don't (but who would be that mean?).


kellyvanhook said...

Thanks for taking time to post a great reminder! And I love beehive's gift tags!!

Sunny said...

Hey, it's me! thanks for using my tags as your illustration :) and great info. tagging is major for having your shop be found.