New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year, AREtsians - I hope you all are ready to head into 2009.
photo above found in thewishingwell's etsy shop

We all claim to set resolutions for the new year. Perhaps yours is to get into shape, to save money, be more organized, cook at home more, or perhaps to just take more time for yourself. Have you considered resolutions for your shop? Some people call them goals, but goals require me to reach and endpoint and I honestly find resolutions are easier to follow. Don't get me wrong, goals are good too, so whichever you prefer, how about take some time to think about them.

Back in October I spent some time browsing clothing boutiques and galleries in Little Rock. I saw things no different than what I make, other than some higher quality materials (nicer glass beads, more unique findings, silver wire, etc) which a price tag WAY higher than I had my items priced. I first thought that there was no way these things sold, so I checked online for similar items. Guess what guys? These things sell, and they sell fast. I made it a point that my shop would begin to showcase new items, items made from unique supplies and higher quality metals, and one of a kind items.

Perhaps this would also work for your shop. What can you do to make a better profit without putting too much more time into your work? I think of it as working smarter, not harder. If I can work with better items in front of me, perhaps I can make twice as much as I was making before?

I also have made the resolution to be more organized in all aspects of my shop this year. I did a good job of tracking sales, keeping track of sales tax, and so on last year, but this year perhaps I'll step it up. I want to create an inventory of my supplies. I know I won't run out of my favorites if I'm keeping a better eye on it. Also, I need to keep a better stock of shipping supplies (also will be included in my inventory) so I won't be faced with needing to ship out a custom item in the morning, but not have anything to wrap it in the night before.

So, AREtsy, what are some of your shop resolutions for 2009? Please share them in the comments section below so we can all be inspired to run the best shop possible this year.


Curly Red said...

My resolution for 2009 is to list items more consistantly, and promote more. In the first 2 days of the year I started my blog and joined twitter;)

Sunny said...

I want to be creating an adding to my shop regularly to really get it chock full.

I also want to sit down and really work out the numbers for how much I should be charging for shipping and for my items, especially the things I should be charging a lot more for, like scrapbooks. I need to raise prices, not only to cover expenses, but to pay myself a fairer wage. I've been a little hesitant to raise prices but I'm ready to take the plunge!

Punkinhead said...

Yay for Curly Red and Sunny! Great ideas. :)

I'm going to create items based on the season, and not on my creative whims. I'm also going to make items in "lines"... not just a few of this and a few of that.

I want to start marketing better... but I have to figure that out a bit more. Happy 2009 Aretsy.

idyll hands said...

Hey Sunny - just raise your prices. Change up the pics a bit or descriptions so the only change isn't the price, but it won't hurt you - just raise 'em! :)