Calling All Team Members!

We have been working on our directory and a pack of other things. However we are having some trouble getting good information on craft shows and other vending opportunities.

Come on team! Let's get to posting!

If you are participating in ANY craft show any where in the state, or even just across the lines.

Let us know about it! We want to help our team with as much advertisement, and getting seen is the only way to do it!

If you are at a show or fair, tell people about AREtsy! Tell them to visit the other shops! If they are looking for a certain item and you know of a team member that sells that, then send them in that direction!

We want to help as many as possible! I know it is a slow process, but we want everyone to have as many opportunities as possible to succeed!


the little chick said...

Hi All. the little chick will be participating in the 2nd Annual Indie Arts and Music Festival in conjunction with Shoppes on Woodlawn.
Registration is still available for this awesome event on April 21st from 10am - 6pm. If you need more information, please contact me at stacy@thelittlechick.com

Hillcrest Cottage said...

I, too, am a vender at the Indie Art festival in Hillcrest