Just a Brief Warning

Last night my twitter was hacked! Here is the scenario so that others can avoid it as well.

I got a private message from a team member, who I am sure was a victim as well, that said something to the affect of, "some really nasty things are being said about you here (insert link) I can't believe what they said"

I am a pretty self deprecating person and love to laugh at my own insanity, so I go to the link. It asks me to log into twitter, now I am doing this on my phone so I don't think anything of it. I log in and it says sorry you can't do that.

Okay well I am on my phone must be the problem, oh well.

Five minutes later ALL my followers have been sent private messages with the same silly statement. DANG IT ALL! So be warned, and don't get click happy unless you know for sure what is up!

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