Do you Blog? You need to know this!

It hasn't been very long that I have been aiding in writing the blog for our fantastic team. However I never had one of my own, until this week! So here I spent more time that I expected designing and redesigning the silly thing over the past few days. That was a learning experience in it's own right!

After my first post I was so excited I of course told various friends who blog, and one gave me insight which was news to me. You should always "ping" your blog after new posts in order to bring your blog higher in the search results of a search engine. Now I did a little research to learn what this meant and realized that there are a lot of ways to go about doing this. There is the super computer savvy method which involves uploading code to your blog and things which I have no concept of.

However the super fast way is to use a pinging service. The one I was turned on to was www.pingomatic.com which made me think of a pinball machine. I am sure there is some truth to that analogy as well.

Here is the process:

Step One: Go to www.pingomatic.com you will see a data information page like below.

Step Two: Enter your Blog name and the web page address into the form as shown. The RSS is if you have a feed link to include as well. I do not believe any team members have this yet, but you never know! 

Step Three: Next to Common Services in parenthesis is "Check All" click that, and then click each box under Specialized Services. Your entries should look like the photo below. 

Step Four: Click "Send Pings >>" 

You're done! As I said this is not the only method for achieving this goal, but so far it is the fastest and easiest I have found. If there are other services that you know of, please share so we can forward that information on the the group as well. 

This should help bring your blog postings higher in search engine results and as you blog more and ping more you will find more visitors and followers. 

Happy Blogging!

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the little chick said...

Thanks for the helpful advice. I never knew this and I too am not the most computer savvy individual!!