AREtsy Featured Shop: Primal Painter

Modern Abstract Painting Wall Sculpture
Photos Courtesy of Primal Painter

Describe yourself in 5 words:

I'm an artsy, creative, spiritual, nature loving, color loving, cartoon loving, dreamer type.

Tell us a little bit about your shop.

Right now my shop is concentrated on geometric colorful abstract wall sculptures, although I'm also moving in the direction of abstract figurative wall sculpture and 3D chakra and aura interpretations intended for healing purposes. http://primalpainter.etsy.com

How did you become interested or involved in your craft or art?

I've always been defined as an artist, even as a young child, so I guess making art is just a natural way of being for me.

Modern Abstract Art Painting Wall Sculptures:
  Red Diamond, Spiral Blue and Modern Art

How did you find Etsy?

I googled online marketing opportunities for artists

When you made your first sell...what did you REALLY do?

LOL, I did some crazy dance with lots of hair tossing and shakin' that thang

What is one thing that you have learned through your experience as an Etsy member that has impacted you as a person?

There's a sense of freedom with Etsy. It seems to have broken down some fear barriers about trying something artistically new.  It's opened up the creative flow and natural evolution that artists thrive on.

Has another shop, blogger or website inspired you or helped to shape your vision for your own shop (like a muse)?

No one shop in particular has influenced me in terms of my own shop appearance, but there are dozens and dozens of shops that I admire and would like to achieve their level of professionalism and performance.

Wall Sculpture 3D Art Mirror
Green Violet Starburst

Do you promote your shop in any way? Please, share!

Oh gosh, I wish I had some magic way to promote! I haven't been involved in online marketing for very long, so I still have alot to learn. Possibilities include: making treasuries, having a blog, getting involved with teams and the forums, facebook page, twitter, and art shows

(finish the following sentence)
This year I would like to accomplish...
feeling complete creative fulfillment and financial security from my etsy shop and other online venues each and every month.

Finally, just for fun, list 5 of your favorite movies, 5 of your favorite bands and your most favorite thing in the world to eat!

Movies:  1) Avatar  2) Alice in Wonderland (Johnny Depp)  3) Lord of the Rings Trilogy  4) Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy  5) Ice Age
Bands:  1) Nickleback  2) Metallica  3) 3 Doors Down  4) Fuel  5) Saliva
Favorite thing to eat is:  As a bad girl: Dove Dark Chocolate.  As a good girl: sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes fresh off the vine in my garden..yummy!

What's one thing you would do to improve Etsy for sellers?

I think it would be cool if when an item gets, say 5 hearts, it automatically gets moved to the first page of its category without having to relist. A reward system for love, right on!

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primalpainter said...

This is cool! I'd almost forgotten about this questionaire... Thanks for putting this up today, I needed a lift and you gave it to me!