Team Tag Update "AREtsy Team"

Etsy Teams Administration is asking Teams to start using the word "team" in all team tags. The reasoning behind this is very understandable. In a nut shell, they want to be able to easily recognize a Team Tag.

This is a quote copied directly from a post on the forum from sarawearsskirts:

sarawearsskirts says:
I'll try to address some of the concerns raised in this thread and on this issue here (hopefully I won't forget anything to crucial in this post).

Okay, here's what's up: When I did a compilation of all the Team Tags that Teams were using in autumn, the list of Tags Teams were using was just all over the place - there was consistency or predictability for the list. To strengthen the Team Tag program, we decided that if there was some consistency among the Team Tags, it would make it really benefit the program overall.By adding "Team", it's apparent to everyone that it is a Team Tag, because the word Team is right there. This will hopefully cut down on the number of sellers accidentally misusing Team Tags because they don't realize certain tags are Team Tags. Also, it will make it easier for all Admin (support, etc) to spot a Team tag immediately. This is important because with over 250 Teams and new Teams being created daily, it's nearly impossible to keep up with Team Tags otherwise. As I've told Team leaders, your Team does not *have* to incorporate this change - promote your Team Tag however you wish. However, for consistency and to make the program as strong as possible on our end, we'll be promoting Team Tags that include the word "Team". This makes it easier for staff to find related items for Storque articles, makes it easier for people working on flagged items and site content to recognize Team Tags, and will help us work on more features promoting Teams in the future, among other things. This change does not need to be made immediately - make the changes gradually throughout your shop - when you list a new item or relist existing items. I'm not suggesting sitting down for hours on end tonight to make this change - I realize it can be a time consuming task and understand that it will take time to implement.Thanks for understanding that this really is a change we're initiating for the benefit of the Teams. We're constantly working to improve the Teams program, give the Teams more promotion, spotlight great Teams and provide more tools and improve communication and give resources to Teams. If we didn't feel this slight change in tags was really for the benefit of the program, we wouldn't implement it. Teams are so important to Etsy and this change does help in a few ways.

for more information:http://team.etsy.com/teamtags.html http://www.etsy.com/storque/section/howTos/article/team-tip-team-tags/1376/


For our team tag it is changing from "AREtsy" to "AREtsy Team" and as Sara has said, they does not have to happen over night. When listing a new item, be sure to add the new tag to your listing in replace of the old tag. Thank you all so much for your help in this and if you have any questions or concerns, please email cyndi@thetwistedpurl.com or send a convo to TheTwistedPurl on Etsy. Thanks again.

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