Wear Your Team Spirit

We need your help! 
Calling all AREtsians... We would like to design and print AREtsy t-shirts!

We would love as many of our talented members as possible to give this little design request a try! Make them cute, clever, the world is your oyster, anything goes!  We will then load all of them to a 'voting' page and send out the link, so that all members, or fans, can vote on their design.  We will work hard to find printing options that are as cost-conscience as possible (and if any members can help there, please drop us a line!)... and will make these tee's available for purchase!

We would like to have all your ideas by Sunday, June 5th and hope to have the voting page up on the 8th. You can send to AREtsy@gmail.com. This initial design can be just flat artwork and we will place them on a tee for voting (just send instructions on where on the tee you'd like the artwork to go)... artwork will have to be kept to one side of t-shirt design.  You will have to be willing to share your working files with us, so that we can print and keep handy for future needs. The voting will be anonymous, however, we will share proudly who created the 'favorite' look!

Who wouldn't want to sport their team pride, and advertise their shop on Etsy at the same time? What a great idea! Thank you labdesigns!


jakeryan08 said...

just an idea (because I'm not too sure if I'm up for the challenge of creating a design) but we're all creative, crafty and artsy so maybe the beautiful state flower of an appleblossom on the front with a cooling looking font of ARETsy and (if possible) all of the AREtsy members shop names listed on the back! My highschool did all of the senior names on the back of a tshirt so I'm thinking it's possible! :)

marla grace said...

missing the updates!

the hillcrest harvestfest is next weekend in little rock. i'll be there, and i bet other etsy folks will be!