We're still here!

This blog is still alive... I promise!

In the works are plans to add an upcoming events section... tutorials... Etsy news... lots of good stuff. Please hang in there, we'll be back soon :)


Denise Felton said...

We love you, Erin! Thanks for keeping the AREtsy blog alive!

idyll hands said...

Oh, Denise, and we love you! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope to meet all of you on the AREtsy street team. I wish tobe come a member and share. I am just about to sent up shop.


Gingiber said...


I am new to the group. Are most people based out of the little rock area? I am in NWA, and in need of some guidance!

CaraMagic said...

Hi! I'm new to the group, and located in Fayetteville, AR. I think I'm with Gingiber as far as guidance goes. Hello all!

Gear said...

Now shop is coming together.Time to play.