Opportunity Abounds

Thank you to Glassbead for bringing these to my attention. We have a couple of great opportunities for artists coming up.

The first one is a juried competition - here is information from their email about the event: "Harlin Museum in West Plains, MO, is organizing an exhibition for the "Vanishing Ozarks" series. The series highlights some of the features of the Ozarks cultural history that are in danger of disappearing, and the exhibition will focus on country stores and school houses. The deadline is Friday April 17, 2009. Please see the attachments for further information."
You can find the attachments with further information in the files section of the Yahoo group listed under "Harlin Museum" or you can contact Sally Williams at (501) 324-9348 or sally@arkansasheritage.org for more information.

The next event is an Arts Festival held in Eureka Springs this May. The 22nd Annual May Festival of the Arts. There are several ways to get involved on this one - so please find more information in the files section of the Yahoo group listed under "May Festival of the Arts". You can read more about the May Festival of the Arts here: http://www.eurekasprings.org/events/detail.asp?id=873

Please email Erin at knittinghands@yahoo.com if you have any problems accessing these files.

I hope to hear about some of you participating in these events!

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