Oh, to be featured...

Wouldn't you love to check out this blog and see your pretty, smiling face? Or perhaps your pose is more subdued and serious so you'd see a serious face. Either way, wouldn't you love to be featured as our artist of the week? I think I'd enjoy that, but alas, I write on this blog so I'll leave the talking about myself to our forum thread.

And speaking of our forum thread, that is the key ingredient to getting blogged about here. Between now and February 24 - if you go to our forum thread and post something at least 3 times, you'll be entered in to a drawing for our first, featured artist. We'll do this each week - so keep that forum thread current and chat away.

I'm looking forward to hearing from many of you.


Sunny said...

I think this was a brilliant idea! I'm also liking the Flickr badge, you're doing a great job with the team!

idyll hands said...

I think it was a good idea too and am very happy you kept bring it up (I take some reminding sometimes).