Puppet Workshop

Just a quick update about an event coming up this weekend:

“Arkansas Community Arts Co-op to Host Giant Puppet Workshop”

The Arkansas Community Arts Cooperative, a local non-profit organization that promotes art and music to youth in central Arkansas , will be hosting a giant puppet building workshop at their art and resource space located at 1419 South Main Street in downtown Little Rock . The event, which will take place on Saturday, September 13, Sunday, September 14, and Saturday, September 20, will feature long-time visual artist and puppeteer, JoAnn Kaminsky, from Fayetteville , Arkansas .

Kaminsky will be teaching Little Rock youth how to build a variety of giant parade puppets as seen in New Orleans Mardi Gras festivals. The event is open to Little Rock youth who are in the 5th through 8th grades. There is a $ 5.00 fee to cover the cost of lunch. During the workshop the students will be assembling five giant puppets to be featured in the SoMa sponsored 2009 Little Rock Mardi Gras Parade.

JoAnn Kaminsky is an Arkansas native who enjoys working with many facets of the community using art. She has worked as an artist in education, with elementary students and high school students, and as an art therapist. She has her own studio, the Art Experience, in Fayetteville , Arkansas . Her community art making interests has led her to create murals and puppet productions in a variety of settings. Through the Partners of the Americas she has traveled to Bolivia , South America to create puppets, large and small and also murals with youth of all ages.

You can see Kaminsky’s work in the streets of Fayetteville on New Years Eve at the First Night Fayetteville’s puppet parade which she coordinates.

For more information see http://www.acacarkansas.org.

For more information about JoAnn Kaminsky - visit her website here: www.JoAnnKaminsky.com


zana said...

I was just browsing through a search engine and stumbled upon this blog. I actually tried to contact you through etsy teams...but never heard back from my email. I'm here in Hot Springs and would love to join! My cousin is Sarah from Sarah Ridgley Letterpress.

idyll hands said...

Hey - I'll email you about the team.

Melissa said...

A puppet workshop...I bet that is going to be loads of fun! Wish I could go.