Art On The Corner

Who doesn't like to be featured as an artist? I'm sure none of you raised your hand and if you did, we need to talk. The Fine Arts Center of Hot Springs is hosting their annual Art On The Corner and they are looking for artists to feature. This is a great opportunity not only to gain some exposure for your lovely creations, but also to pad your pocket a bit as $500 in prize money is up for grabs! I know that would buy me a lot of supplies or pay for a couple of craft shows, so I know I'm signing up for this one.

Maureen Ganster, one of the Hot Springs Fine Arts Center Board of Directors, writes this:
"This Compeition is for Arkansas artists only and has $500 in cash prices. The 20 finilists will exhibit at the Hot Springs Fine Arts Center (a non-profit organization) in the month of October, 2008. The winner will be the featured artist and have the center area of the Hot Springs Fine Arts CEnter to exhibit 20-30 pieces of art."

The deadline to enter is September 6, 2008 - so enter now!

For more information about the Hot Spring Fine Arts Center, visit their website HERE.

For a copy of the application, email Idyll Hands at knittinghands@yahoo.com.

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