New AREtsy Website Coming Soon

We have been working on a website for the Arkansas Etsy Street Team. Before it can be released, we need your help.

We want the site to be as much a part of everyone's artwork and ideas as possible. Please send pictures of your crafts and any graphics you may have that really speak of our wonderful state. Throughout the site, there will be links to all our shops, how to guides and much, much more.

If you have an instructional guide written somewhere online (your blog, the storque, etc.) , on How To do something crafty, please also send those links.

Send the links and pics to cyndi@thetwistedpurl.com

Thanks so much for all your help! Our new website will be released soon, and keep an eye out for more information on the site itself.

1 comment:

Punkinhead said...

This sounds great, Cyndi! Thanks for putting it together for us. I'll try to get some photos to you asap.