It's All About the Tag!

Once a week the wonderful folks at Etsy Labs produces a new team tip for us to ponder over and discuss. Last weeks tip is all about tags and how to effectively use them for our team.

Our team tag is "AREtsy"

Be sure to add this tag to all your items when you list them on Etsy. This is a great way for other AREtsy members to share other Arkansas crafters with their friends and family.

***For those who are not sure what is meant by tags...when you add a new item to your Etsy Shop, the first page is your item title, description, and list of materials. The second page is the "Sort Your Item" page and this is where you enter in the tags that describe your item. This is where you should add "aretsy" as one of your tag options.***

As our group grows, it is becoming more and more difficult to get all of our shops on a page to hand out or use as bag stuffers. We can always share the tag "AREtsy" with people to let them know a way to find more of us through Etsy.

The beautiful tags above are from casserole's shop on Etsy.

The below image can be taken and put on your own blogs or websites, if you like. If you click on the picture it should take you right to the AREtsy Search Query on Etsy.


idyll hands said...

What a great tip. If all of AREtsy did this it would produce quite a search on Etsy!

Punkinhead said...

I do it! I think all my items are tagged... but I'll double check.

TheTwistedPurl said...

I hope everyone starts to add this tag. Plus, whenever I get a Treasury, this is how I find items to list. AND when I go on a shopping spree...I look through the aretsy tags for what I want first.

Alette Designs said...

I Love the Tag Team Picture that was designed showing my saying about Arkansas Love! Kudos! Especially since We as a Whole Group do Support One Another!

Cyndi, I totally hear ya about doing Tag Team Street searches under AREtsy Team, Its another way to first buy within OUR State and to Support All things Handcrafted/Handemade Pledge and at the Same Time being able to Support Fellow Crafters within Our Group!

Happy to Help!

Cyber Hugs Cindy Alette