Swap - Three R's Style

Recycle, Reuse, and Refresh. Okay, okay, so it's not Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - but participating in this swap only implies that you're reducing waste! Diva Cindy of Divaschmiva initiated this very cool swap. I know, I know, we just did a swap. We've had so many new members since we set the last swap in motion, and many older members who love making and giving, that Cindy threw this idea out there and the team has run with it.

The officialness as written by the hostess herself:

Definition of each as follows:

*Recycled - things you would throw away (if it contained food at one
time you must be able to wash it before using it again) such as a cereal box, paper towel roll, plastic butter container, etc.

*Reused - things like an old lamp shade that you recovered or a pair
of jeans that you turn into a purse.

*Refreshed - things like an old birdhouse that you repaint and make
into a planter, or an old frame that you paint & add a mirror, or recover pillows with new fabric.


Rules: Anyone interested just email the group through our Yahoo page c/o Diva Cyndi

Enrollment starts Feb. 15th and ends on Feb.25th.

On Feb. 26th I will email everyone their swap mates name.

Your gift is due to your swap mate by April 1


Photos should be posted on the group site by April 5th (take them before
you mail it!) Everyone votes by April 10th, Winner announced on April 11th.


Gifts - 75% of the elements you use to make your gift should be
something that is recycled, reused, or refreshed.


Get creative! Take those bills and shred them and turn them into handmade paper in your blender! Use those washed meat trays to mix your paint on! Knit a bag with Wal-Mart sacks! (just kidding!)

Please make something you would be proud to have in your own home.


OH YEAH! For an extra incentive - you can post your item on the group photo page and we'll all vote for our favorite. The one who wins will get a special gift from ME!


Punkinhead said...

Yay for swaps!! I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

jeanetta said...

i wish i had time to join the swap cause its right up my alley. but i wanted to say thanks for liking my nest and eggs.